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  • Question -  Are the machines easy to use? 
    Answer - Absolutely. We mix the first batch for you on delivery and leave instructions for making extra batches. The machines make their own freeze so no ice is required, only power. Your guests can serve themselves so you can enjoy the party and let the machine do all the margarita-makin'! 

  • Question -  How many drinks does one batch yield? 
    Answer -  One batch of margaritas yields 75, 8oz. drinks (4.5 gallons), while the strawberry and daiquiri flavors yield about 55, 8oz. drinks (3.5 Gallons). Our experience shows that about half your guests will drink the frozen drinks while the others will drink beer, liquor or whatever else is offered. We suggest 1 batch for every 20-30 guests assuming you are offering other alcoholic beverages. Extra batches are $16 and refundable if unopened. 

  • Question -  How long until the machine is ready to serve? 
    Answer -  20 to 45 minutes depending on the temperature. Once the machine completes the first freeze cycle it's non-stop for the rest of the night. There is no waiting between batches because you add to the reservoir when the mix-low light comes on. 

  • Question -  Who provides the liquor and how much is required? 
    Answer -  The customer provides all liquor. A regular strength batch of margaritas calls for 3 liters of tequila and ½ liter of triple sec. Daiquiris call for 2 liters of rum. Other recipes are also available. 

  • Question -  Do you have to use liquor? 
    Answer -  No. All our mixes are real fruit concentrates and are great for non-alcoholic "slushies" at business functions or kids parties. For variety, the mixes can be made without liquor and guests advised to add whatever they would like to their cups to make their favorite drink. 

  • Question -  How far in advance should I book my machine? 
    Answer -  We recommend two weeks in advance for the warm season of April through September, although machines are sometimes available at the last minute. Feel free to call and check! 

  • Question -  My party is huge and my friends drink..enthusiastically. Will one machine be enough? 

Answer -  One machine is usually sufficient for parties up to 100 guests. Beyond 100 we strongly suggest a second machine. Extreme heat and/or party guests might call for extra freezing power for smaller parties but not often. Ask The Margarita Man for suggestions on your particular party. 



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